Creating from Chaos: A Warhol Approach

Creating from Chaos: A Warhol Approach


      I hate Andy Warhol, which means that in some kind of way I love him. Meh… anyways, his critics’ main gripe about him is that he’s not original. He turned a picture of Marilyn Monroe into layered stencils and changed her colors. Riveting! Then Campbell’s Soup?!



*My reasoning for hating him is how he used and discarded his muses, especially Edie Sedgwick, who overdosed a year after Warhol abandoned her. RIP*



I want to hate him for being so famous from riding on the backs of socialites, but you can’t hate someone for putting their own spin on something already relevant.


Cue to repurposing!

It’s April 2020, and there’s a certain… thing going on that prevented us from leaving the house and blah blah blah. Like most adults, my lockdown buddy and I spent the first months consuming alcohol at odd hours of the day because we could.

One day, I came up with the idea to create a “bar crawl” inside my apartment. At that point, I hadn’t touched my crafting box in years because of my job, but with ample time now, I thought I’d give it a go!

We decided on 8 bars. My lockdown partner was on drinks duty and I was on decor. Since I couldn’t go to Target and peruse around each aisle, I had to think outside of the box.

Thankfully, my older sister hosted every kind of party you could think of, so I was able to borrow most of her decorations. I was down to Hipster and Dive bar-themed decor, so I went to Pinterest for inspiration. When I saw pallets used as the stand for the backdrop, the whole idea came together quickly.
Journal entry talking about decorating.

I worked in construction so getting pallets was as easy as stopping by a vendor’s dispatch yard and throwing (gently) them in my car. I had the rest of the items including the accoutrement to really give it that hipster/dive bar.

A Willie Nelson cassette tape. I’d had it for years and was saving it for a rainy day. It was her time to shine ˙ᵕ˙


I stacked a pallet on top vertically because I wanted it to be tall. I wouldn’t have called it secure... I believe I only had zip ties to keep them aligned, but it definitely wasn’t OSHA-approved. Everything else was just thrown on randomly. I added some eucalyptus to my curbside order to give the backdrop some life, and that was it.

I liked it so much (and was too lazy to carry the pallets all the way to the trash bins) that I kept it up until I moved. They were a huge hit during Zoom calls, which was surprising to me since it didn't take much work to put together. I just saw it as a collection of items I already had thrown together. Looking back, I guess it was an odd assortment, but they all came together quite nicely.

 In a world where everyone’s looking for the newest models and trends to be in the societal hierarchy, there’s a lot of waste left behind. It’s a shame because not only is that collection of waste creating an obscene amount of trash being dumped in the ocean, but it’s also creating a culture of materialistic robots who can't think for themselves and just rely on some list they read from a writer who's getting paid to mention those things.

I’m not saying I’m some sustainability guru! Not in the slightest! And trust me, I have no idea what I’m doing. Through this DIY journey, I’ve made so, so, so many mistakes and I’m going to make more. From those mistakes came loads of creations and learning experiences that I’m now teaching others. All in all, I still very much hate Andy Warhol for being a douche to Edie. I can’t, however, hate his eye for the little details in life that others just breeze by.


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